A ceremony before surgery

Going into hospital for surgery is a time of great anxiety. Help quell the patient’s concerns by creating a ritual to focus attention on being spiritually, emotionally and mentally prepared to have an operation. Coming soon.

Addiction-Free Ceremony

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It is a powerful journey to be able to let go of an addiction. Items you will need: Have something that represents your addiction that you can bury in the earth that will not be toxic to the earth.  For … Read More

Coming-Out Ceremony

  The author of this website wishes to thank Danny Enright for the following material. Congratulations on your decision to honour yourself and celebrate a vital part of who you are as a complete person. We are delighted that you … Read More

Divorce Ceremony

  Service of Un-marriage – Divorce Ceremony – Service of Dissolution This service can be created for one or both parties breaking up. At this juncture go easy on yourself as unions don’t last forever.  In this ceremony we will … Read More

Home Blessings

  Blessing for a new home There are many reasons to hold a house blessing ceremony.  Blessing a home gives a sense of safety and comfort to the people living or working in that space A house blessing is appropriate … Read More