Home Blessings



Blessing for a new home

There are many reasons to hold a house blessing ceremony.  Blessing a home gives a sense of safety and comfort to the people living or working in that space

A house blessing is appropriate during any significant transition such as:

After a marriage, the arrival of a new baby, after moving, following a divorce, when your children have grown up and have moved out or when you would like enhance energy in your living space. It is also a very healing ritual following a break-in, fire or tragedy.

Opening Words:

We are here this afternoon to celebrate and bring blessings to the _____ family’s new home. I am sure that they will look after this place with humility and assiduous care to ensure that as little damage as possible will happen at this location and so that the spirits of earth, of air, of water, of fire will be pleased with their caretaking.

Open the windows to allow the old energy out. All gather in the kitchen – the heart of the house – state intention to bless this house and then burn sage, ring bells and beat drums – throughout the house and around property – make noise to clear out old energy.  Once you feel the house and property have been cleansed then go through the house a second time saying a blessing for each room according to its purpose.  (If there are no kids and it is safe to do so you could light a candle in each room and leave it burning as bless the entire house.)

At threshold:

(You can also scatter flower petals at threshold and in each room.)


May your house be a place of happiness for all who enter it, a place where

the old and the young are renewed in each other’s company, a place for

growing, a place for music, a place for laughter.  May all who enter this

door come in peace and leave in peace.


living room

Living room:

May this living room be truly a place of meeting – meeting one with another

in warmth and joy and openness; meeting one with another in courage and

friendship and trust.




May this kitchen always be a place where wholesome food is prepared with

love and shared with appreciation and thankfulness.


home bedroom


May these bedrooms be havens for rest and renewal, for pleasure and

serenity.  May you and your guests enjoy the deep satisfaction of a good

night’s sleep which refreshes you for the challenges of the coming day.



When you bathe after a day’s work, remember to give thanks for clean water

at the touch of a tap and for warmth and comfort.



Each guest pours a bit of juice into a cup – while stating their wishes for the family in the new house.  Then the family can pour a bit of the juice into the earth – offering the blessings to the house and property and sharing the blessings.  Then they drink the juice taking in all of the blessings.


Responsive Reading

Please respond to my words with “It is a good thing indeed”


How good it is when friends find a place that is both house and home.

Response: “It is a good thing indeed”


How pleasant it is to be able to meet here together, certain of comfort and


Response: “It is a good thing indeed”


We are all here because ______ (and _______ and their children _______ and__________) value our friendship.

Response: “It is a good thing indeed”


We wish for the ______ (and…) many years of joy and growth in this structure that will shelter them and provide a place for friends – us among them- to visit.

Response: “It is a good thing indeed”


A house is something made by human hands – of a variety of materials – to

give us shelter from the elements; to be a place where we can feel safe and secure, a place where we can rest from the labours of the day; where we can renew and refresh ourselves in the company of our loved ones; where we can eventually make the place reflect our personalities and creative flairs of those residing within.


I invite you to image this house as such a place for ______, (and…) I invite you to put some of your own good will and desire for it to reverberate with more laughter than tears;  and opportunities for affection, occasional revolution and the birthing of many great ideas and actions.



May this house be kept safe; may it be repaired easily and may it always resound, hum, shine with both joy and serious intent. May each of us respect this place as the home of this family whose friendship matters deeply to us. May the rain fall lightly on this house, the sun shine warmly, the winds blow softly and bless it as a place of joy and peace.

May it ever be so.

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