Celebration of birth (including a baby naming)

naming baby

Celebration of a Birth including a Naming Ceremony




Gifts for attendees

A plant for each guest to take with them for their gardens to remind them of the baby and the ceremony. You can wrap base of plants in pretty paper and tie with ribbon to use as decoration.


Alternatively you can ask for attendees to bring a plant for the new baby and plant a garden for them.


Guests can be invited to bring a bead for the baby – have extra beads in case someone forgets.

Altar or table – put tokens of food and bread, garlic, vervain (herb), clover, bread, ‘gold’, roses – to be used in ceremony

Think of how everyone will enter house (with a hug, a smile and/or  a warm welcome) and what the space will look like – chairs can be placed in a circle with ribbon around them.

Welcome to the celebration of ­­­_______’s birth and their naming ceremony

Take a few minutes to talk about the pregnancy and then birth of the child.


Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar:

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home…”

William Wordsworth – Intimations of Immortality

If anyone present at the celebration was at the birth they may say a few words about the birth

Planting of Tree in respect of _________’s Birth:

Place placenta (if you have it) in hole for tree – so that which nourished __________can now support another life


Also to be placed in hole for tree:

We give them garlic to avert negative energy

We give them herb vervain for happiness and love of learning

We give them clover to invoke the ancient Goddess Artemis who protects children

We give them bread and milk so that she shall never know hunger and thirst

We give them ‘gold’ (a handful of change) that she shall never know want

We give them roses for love


Places tree in hole puts a few spades of earth around it to support it.  You can plant it properly after the ceremony.

Give thanks for ________’s safe and wondrous birth.


There are many paths to the divine and each must find their own way.  We do not seek to bind our baby to one path, rather we ask that which we understand to be holy, who knows all paths and to whom all paths lead, to bless and protect this baby through childhood so that when they are ready, they will know without a doubt which path is theirs and will tread it gladly.  May they always walk in the light.

Request that elemental powers watch over the child:

– North, earth brings stability, steadfastness and balance, we ask you blessings on our child (rock)

– East, air brings clarity of mind, knowledge and wisdom, we ask your blessings on our child (flower)

– South, fire brings energy, strength and intuition, we ask your blessings on our child (candle)

– West, water brings cleansing, healing and love we ask you blessing on our child (drops of water)

Our name carries a particular sound and vibration which links us to a unique experience for our lives.  This is ceremony is their first rite of passage and by naming the baby, with all of you present, they will be able to forge a closer link to nature and spirit – the divine from where they came still “trailing clouds of glory” from their sojourn before birth.  As such our baby is a giver and receiver of great gifts.  We acknowledge them as a person in their own right and thank them for their presence and for all of you here present to witness this naming.

A word about the baby’s name – why we chose the name

Please stand for the blessing for ________

Universe (may insert other words here, God, Goddess, The Mystery, The Divine etc), thank you for this precious life that has been given to us to tend and nourish.  May your blessings follow this young one throughout their life, may they grow in wisdom, may they learn your ways and know the wonder of your creation.  Green One, God or Mother Nature of the forest and guardian all growing things, we thank you for the life and vitality of our baby.  We ask you to bless them with good health, good humour and good sense.  Our hearts are full of gratitude for this new life.  We ask for your guidance as we care for our child, may they bring as much joy to the world as they have brought to the hearts of all of us gathered here.

Our baby will rely on us, their parents, to provide a loving home full of joy, to give them respect, patience, unconditional love, as well as new horizons and challenges and the freedom to go as far as their mind and spirit lead.

Moment of silence

Baby is then asked if they are ready to receive their name.

Parents say  “we name you___________________, the name by which you shall henceforth be known to all people, all in nature and all in spirit. Be proud of your name”

Gift of welcome and celebration

Ask everyone to hold their bead for the baby and charge it with the gift you wish to offer as qualities to be called into their life. (Have a designated scribe to write down the wishes) Let every person speak and then parents with baby and a small basket go around the circle to receive the beads.

Commission: (To be said by everyone aloud, have this printed up on pieces of paper or written on a big piece of Bristol board)

_________, you are special, you are needed for great work that only you can do.  We all believe in you.  We commission you to go forth and live your life with love.  Bless you.

Final Prayer:

The Universe has blessed them

The Elemental powers have met them

We her family and friends have welcomed them

Therefore shine peace on________,

Blessed Be, Amen, Namaste, So mote it be, shalom.

Bless food

May the divine bless the food we are about to have and bless all that has and will occur as a result of our coming together in trust and grace.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this special naming ceremony.

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