Who We Are

Unitarian Universalism is a religion based on freedom of religious thought and conscience. Our congregation is part of a progressive, liberal religious tradition that welcomes your spiritual and ethical search for truth and meaning in life. We are a gathering of diverse, open-minded people from many faiths and backgrounds who meet to enrich their personal and spiritual journeys.

We were founded in 1994 and hold worship services and programs each Sunday from September to June at Valleyview Hall at 10 am.

Our spiritually and intellectually inspiring Sunday services are presented by visiting ministers and speakers and our own members.

We are a non-creedal church and do not require allegiance to religious dogma for membership. We are held together by common principles rather than common beliefs, and welcome diversity in thought and outlook. We welcome all who share our philosophy regardless of age, race or sexual orientation. We encourage everyone to think, question and explore. Here you will find an open, justice-seeking community, accepting friends, and a home for your deepest spiritual and community needs.

We invite you to join us for a Sunday service and to learn more about our congregation. We recommend reading our Newsletter which will show you the “heart and soul” of our vibrant community!

What We Offer

What to Expect at Our Sunday Services

The Unitarian worship hour is a time for the celebration of life in all its mystery, a time to re-center around that which is of ultimate worth, whether that is to commune with the divine, to be reminded of one's sacred values, or to refocus on the human power to make good choices.

All services begin at 10 am. Information about a particular Sunday service can be found under Sunday Services & Programs. There are a few occasions each year when the group meets outside the hall, at the labyrinth or some other outdoor location, so it is important to check Sunday Services & Programs or to read the Newsletter.

First and Third Sunday Worship Services

Greeters will welcome you as you enter Valleyview Community Hall. Most Sunday services include welcoming words, chalice lighting, time for personal sharing, meditation, readings, and the presentation or sermon. An important part of our Sunday services is music. Our choir supports us as we sing and often sings alone during the service. There is also a musical centering at the beginning of the service. Social time follows each service with coffee, tea and conversation. Dress is casual or dressy – it’s your choice.

Second Sunday Contemplative Service

This is an hour of contemplation, readings, meditation and chanting. This is a time to deepen the experience of silence and stillness. People are asked to arrive and leave in silence, pick up and return their own chair, bring their own beverage if needed, while maintaining the sacredness of the space and the hour.

Fourth Sunday Discussion

The Chalice Circle is a time of reflection and sharing. Here a circle is formed, a topic is presented and questions posed about the topic. Often these questions arise from the previous Sunday services. The facilitator has people gather in small groups where the questions are pondered and discussed in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

People speak from their own experience, allow others to speak without interrupting – the speaker becomes the listener, the listener then becomes the speaker. Chalice Circles are an opportunity to deepen connections and provide a nourishing way for individuals to grow in community.

Fifth Sunday Social Justice Presentation

Occasionally there are months with a fifth Sunday. Then we enjoy presentations on local and world social justice and environmental issues. These are often followed with a question period.

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