Thinking about Membership in our community?  Then you may want to talk to a member of the Membership Committee or the Board.

Some of the Benefits

  • Community- belonging to a welcoming, spiritual community
  • Voting privileges
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Membership in the Canadian Unitarian Council
  • Canadian Unitarian Magazine
  • Services of a Lay Chaplain (weddings, child dedications, memorial services)

Responsibilities of membership

  • A commitment to strive to live the principles
  • To support the congregation as one is capable, be it through financial, volunteer, and/or encouragement

Opportunities for Involvement

  • Choir/music committee
  • Pot Luck Socials
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Evening Coffee/Tea House Discussions
  • Kitchen Help
  • Sunday Services
  • Membership committee


Link to Board Members’ area