Lay chaplains are members of the congregation at Capital. They are available to perform ceremonies including weddings, same sex marriages, naming ceremonies, funerals, and celebrations of life.

Each service is custom designed and can be held in any location. The services are fully recognized in Canadian law.


People need not be members of our Unitarian Congregation, nor Unitarians, to arrange for any of the Lay Chaplain’s services. They also need not abandon their personal faith. While these rites of passage are free for members of our Unitarian Congregation, there is a fee for non-members.

Same Sex Marriages

On July 8th, 2003, British Columbia became the second province to legalize same-sex marriage. Before then our Lay Chaplains had been joyfully blessing same-sex partnerships by performing “services of union”.

The lay chaplains have developed a same-sex wedding booklet to help with the planning. Please get in touch with us through the contacts below, for more information.



Memorial Services – Funerals

Our lay chaplains conduct funeral and memorial services and celebrations of life with sensitivity and grace.

Infant Naming

Our lay chaplains have a lot of experience conducting naming services.

Other Rites of Passage

Our lay chaplains can help you to arrange meaningful services to mark life’s milestones such as adolescent coming of age, house blessings, still birth, croning (reaching elderhood) and many others.


Capital Contacts – Lay Chaplains

For more information on our church services please contact:

Dana Seaborn, lay chaplain: (250) 589-1701
email: IslandChaplain@gmail.com


Peter Scales, Lay Chaplain (250) 889-7266

email: scalesp@telus.net


Amanda Tarling, Lay Chaplain (250) 418-0887 or visit my website

email: tarling@shaw.ca