Who we are

Capital Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a vibrant lay-led UU community in the James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria, BC, Canada.

We welcome you, whoever you are, whatever religious belief, tradition, gender, race, sexual orientation or age you represent.  We hope that our time together will enhance in all of us a feeling of fellowship and love, help us maintain peace of mind, and bring wisdom and the joy of caring and sharing.

Our mission is to build an inclusive, evolving, liberal religious community which offers a safe, supportive, stimulating environment to those who feel the need for spiritual growth.  Many of us enjoy discussing the moral philosophical issues of the day!

Sunday Services

Our Sunday services are held at 10:00am every Sunday, in the James Bay New Horizons Centre, 234 Menzies Street. [more info and map] A children’s program is available during the service. Refreshments follow at 11:00am, then an open forum for discussion of the service is held from 11:30am – 12:15pm.

Paige Thombs “The Rise of Secularism in Canada and Its Impact on Freedom of Religion and the Duty to Accommodate”
Jan 29 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Paige Thombs "The Rise of Secularism in Canada and Its Impact on Freedom of Religion and the Duty to Accommodate"

Trinity Western University’s recent application for a law school has been met with incredible backlash, both from the general public and from the legal community, due to its mandatory “community covenant” and the perceived discrimination contained within it. How does Canada continue to protect the rights of all (particularly the rights of women and LGTB community members) while still protecting religious freedom?

Paige Thombs is an MA Candidate in History and Culture, Social and Political Thought at the University of Victoria. As a member of the LGTB Community, she is grateful to live in a country where she can live freely. She seeks to find balance between her rights and the rights of others.

Kristina Stevens “A vision from Sea to Sea”
Feb 5 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Kristina Stevens "A vision from Sea to Sea"

As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we envision a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.

Kristina Stevens has been a Unitarian for 25 years, drawn to a group of like-minded people who are not afraid to explore life’s big questions. She is a member of the First Unitarian Church of Victoria, and has been on the Canadian Unitarian Council Board for the past five year.

Alan Dawson “Kenneth Leo Patton”
Feb 12 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Alan Dawson “Kenneth Leo Patton”

Kenneth Leo Patton. Some of you probably come to the conclusion that I look a lot to the past, well, I like to look at our forebears in Unitarianism to see what they have to offer us today. Patton was very influential on Unitarianism during the last century. Here is a quote from Minister and scholar, David Bumbaugh as he summed up Patton’s work: “It was he who taught a monotone rationalism how to sing; it was he who taught a stumble footed humanism how to dance;it was he who cried ‘Look!’ and taught our eyes to see the glory in the ordinary.”

Dr. Sara Comish and Dyanne Lineger “Care and Concern; the role of compassion within our community”
Feb 19 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Dr. Sara Comish and Dyanne Lineger "Care and Concern; the role of compassion within our community"

Many religious traditions can turn to their scriptures for their inspiration to be compassionate. Without scripture, what do Unitarian Universalists do? Dyanne and Sara from the Care and Concern Committee will speak to the the issue of compassion in our community.

Charles Card “Caring for Victoria’s most vulnerable children and their care-givers: the story of MiMi’s House.”
Feb 26 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Charles Card "Caring for Victoria's most vulnerable children and their care-givers: the story of MiMi's House."

MiMi’s House is a small residential care facility in Saanich that provides short-term care to children with severe cognitive and physical impairments, allowing their families to obtain a brief respite from the challenges and demands of providing for their children’s on-going care.   The story of MiMi’s House, from the crisis that led to it’s creation nearly 14 years ago to the provision of care that continues today, will be told by Charles Card, one of the founding directors of Children’s Respite Support Society, a small charitable organization that works to augment the respite care given at MiMi’s House.