San & Jeremy:

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Tara and Justin:

Amanda, where do I even start? From the very first time I spoke with Amanda I knew that she was the one I wanted to marry us. It was very important to my fiance and I to have someone who could not only see our vision for a somewhat “different” and extremely personal to us ceremony, but someone who would really get it and appreciate it in the way we did. We knew that finding such a person would not be an easy feat, with both our somewhat differing beliefs and backgrounds, and both of us wanting something less ‘religious’ per se and more spiritual, we knew that we were looking for a very special and unique person. We found that in Amanda! Not only was she completely supportive of our ideas, but genuinely excited about them too! Together we put together a ceremony complete with a traditional Celtic Hand-fasting, Pagan/Wiccan blessings, and a Sand Ceremony representing the blending of our lives, and that of our children whom we both have from prior relationships into one. It was everything we dreamt of and completely us in every way. Thank you so much Amanda! We look forward to keeping in touch with you in the future for tea!

Kim and Madu:


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Craig & Brian:

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Jen & Dave:

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Kris & Tim:

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Marie & Scott:

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