Ceremonies for pets


Welcoming of pet when adopted or born & Pet naming

  • Our animals are an extension of our family.  Welcoming a new animal into your home is an important and life-changing event. I can help you to create a service to acknowledge your pet as a special member of your family.

Pet Blessing

  • Pets bring all sorts of blessings into our lives sometimes we don’t make the time to acknowledge them.  A pet blessing honours your pet for all of the unconditional love they bring to you and your family.

Pet Memorials & Pet Cremations

  • The death of a beloved pet is one of the most difficult of times.  Let me help you create a memorial for your animal friend that is as unique as they were.
  • There are many different ways to remember our pets. There is no right or wrong way.  Perhaps you would like a small service just for your family or a larger gathering of family and friends.  A service can be held immediately after the death of your pet or after a long time has passed.  A memorial helps us to grieve and honour the life of our pet. To remember them with love.

Dyingway for Pets

  • Few events are as traumatic as when our pets have to be put down.  A ceremony can be held either while the pet is still alive, during the procedure or immediately following it to help you grieve the loss of your companion.

Scattering of ashes

  • Following the cremation many people wish to scatter their pet’s ashes.  Please contact me to talk about location and the rules concerning the scattering of ashes in public places.