Celebrations of Life, Memorial Services and Funerals

We hold services to both honour our deceased loved one and to help us grieve their loss.  When a death has occurred and it is often difficult to come to terms with the fact that a dear member of our family or community has died. Planning and holding a service gives us a way to say goodbye. A celebration of life can be held for anyone who has enjoyed a long life in order to give thanks for their life.

While we wish for everyone to have long fulfilling lives such that we can hold a celebration of life for each and every person, tragedies do happen. Creating a memorial or funeral (with the body present) at this time can feel completely overwhelming.  It would be my honour to work with you to craft a fitting remembrance of your loved one.

There are few mysteries left in life but death remains the greatest mystery of all. A memorial allows your community to come together and remember the deceased.  To grieve, share stories, to cry and perhaps to laugh, even to forgive or to be forgiven.  Holding a memorial can also help to assuage the loneliness that death can bring.

A memorial can assist us to gradually accept the death. To reflect on our place in the web of all existence and to remember our dear departed as a way of keeping what they believed in alive.

Other ceremonies include:

Graveside ceremony

Ceremony at a cremation

Scattering of ashes

Ceremony at an assisted death

A Dyingway

When death is imminent a dyingway can be held to help support the dying person in this transition.  Please contact me to talk this type of service.

Following or before an abortion

Following a miscarriage or prenatal death

Our society doesn’t acknowledge prenatal loss.  Having had many miscarriages I understand what people go through with these tragic deaths.  Please contact me directly to speak about your needs.

Globe and Mail article on “The secret grief of miscarriage”