• Coming of age or special transitions, becoming an adult – turning 16, 19, 21, 40, 50, 65, 75, 80, 90 100…
  • Saging/croning,
  • Celebration of the completion of a bucket list
  • Graduation from any course of study
  • Coming out LGBTQ – National Coming Out day is Oct 11
  • Career milestones – retirement
  • Addiction free or Clean and sober ceremonies
  • Becoming a grandparent
  • Celebration of living a life – for elders
  • Celebration of paying off mortgage or becoming debt free

Rites of Passage:

  • Renewal of vows
  • Wedding/Union anniversary – 20 25, etc,


  • Coming out LGBTQ (national coming out day is Oct 11)
  • Moving in with someone
  • Becoming a grandparent
  • At the start of an adventure such as travelling to a far distant place


  • End of a friendship or relationship
  • End of career or retirement
  • Divorce or Separation Ceremonies or dissolution of marriage “unmarriage” ritual

Acknowledging Deaths:

  • After abortion
  • After miscarriage
  • Dyingway - A ceremony in hospice, hospital or at home when someone is dying.
  • Dyingway - A ceremony for a dying Pet
  • Death of a Pet – remembering a beloved Pet.
  • Cremation ceremony for a person or Pet.
  • Scattering of ashes for a person or pet.
  • Ceremony at an assisted death of person or pet


  • Children
  • People of any age
  • House
  • A house or car following a break-in
  • Bicycle
  • Motorbike
  • Car
  • Boat
  • Garden
  • Planting of a tree for a child, elder or as a remembrance of a loved one
  • Installation of a memorial bench
  • Business blessing
  • Dedication of peace pole or other community landmark
  • Dedication of new subway (Toronto and Ottawa building)
  • Breaking soil for new building
  • Blessing at a fund raising dinner

Acknowledging Life and Family Services:

  • Birthingway – a celebration of the new baby and the Mother to be (or the entire family) before the baby is born.
  • Placenta party
  • Baby naming
  • Celebration of an Adoption or the welcoming of Foster kids
  • Ceremony for conception
  • Before IVF treatment blessing
  • Re-naming or new name ceremony for transgender people
  • Blending families
  • Family dedication

Weddings & Unions

  • Weddings and Unions, LGBTQ Ceremonies Welcome!

Health related:

  • Ceremonies for people in hospital
  • Before surgery
  • Regaining of health – after surgery
  • Before or after gender reassignment surgery

Life Events & Transitions

  • Before or after hiking the Camino de Santiago.